The Horse Whisperer

In this episode we address:
* Lessons from the animal kingdom
* Fear and its impact
* Present time consciousness
* Trust
* Breath
* The trauma loop
We also unpack that the greatest gift you can give anyone and it doesn’t cost a penny (it also has an impact beyond the two of you)

DR. JAY KOMAREK, DC has dedicated the past 45+ years of practice to caring for humans and animals alike. The focus of his care centers on restoring mental, emotional, and physical well-being in order to optimize human potential.

Dr. Jay believes that the role of Chiropractic is one of restoring balance in the human body so that the inherent-intelligence-within may function without interference.

Dr. Jay teaches programs on adjusting and the Chiropractic philosophy of healing at universities throughout the U.S.

His Veterinary Chiropractic work has been featured on the “Today Show,” on various podcasts and radio programs, and in multiple magazine articles. In addition to delivering care to his clients, he teaches animal adjusting and the philosophy of animal Chiropractic care at colleges worldwide and speaks to groups on the natural health care of animals.

He is a founding member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and has received multiple awards in recognition of his success in advancing the field of veterinary chiropractic.

Dr. Jay’s work with animals has been most recently chronicled in the award-winning documentary, Life, Adjusted. You can watch it in ts entirety here. 

You can reach Dr. Komarek at: