The Mind, Body, Temple with Sukhi Muker

Body/Mind, Spirit, Temple with Dr. Sukhi Muker

In this episode of TAO-Living Podcast, my conversation is with Dr. Sukhi Muker an award-winning wellness doctor, author, and global speaker. With over 20 years of experience in clinical practice and a decade of mentoring wellness professionals across the globe.
His work bridges Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Quantum Physics as it relates to health, healing, and actualizing human potential.

Dr. Sukhi’s mission is to increase the consciousness of humanity and bring more peace, authenticity, and love to this world. He teaches others to rewire their nervous system, activate their inner wisdom, and recode their bodies and minds for lifelong vitality and growth.

Join us as we dive into areas of:
* Managing our environment
* How to show up as the BEST version of you for those you love and support
* The impact of random acts of kindness
* How to access the most powerful technology on the planet
and much more

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