The Root Cause of All Suffering


Today’s episode is all about attachments – becoming aware of them and discovering ways to let go and move forward.

“The root of suffering is attachment.”
~ The Buddha

What does that mean and how do we transform our attachments to persons, places, and things?

In this episode, we explore:

  • How our attachments actually imprison us

  • The reality of impermanence and how to interact with temporary situations

  • The impact attachments have on our life purpose, relationships, health, etc.

  • “Change is the only constant”

  • Remembering our priorities and the bigger picture

  • Lifestyle, success, and relationships attachments that dim our light

  • Awareness of the constructs of the subconscious

  • The messages we tell ourselves to keep attachments in place

  • When is it time to let go and surrender?

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

~ ~ ~

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As always ~ here’s to your greatness,