URUBU… You Are You, Be You!

A few years back, I was in Brazil completing one of our humanitarian mission trips.

It was an intense week, so I went to walk on the beach to just decompress and be in nature, by the ocean. 

It was early morning before many people were on the beach, and all of the sudden these huge birds came and landed close by, and I was just watching the birds do their thing. 

A local went by and I asked him, “What’s the name of that bird, in Portuguese?” 

So he said, “Urubu.”

“Wow, that’s beautiful. How do you spell that?”

And he said, “U-R-U-B-U.” 

I didn’t have a pen and paper, but in my mind I was writing it down. And as I did that for the second time, it landed… 

U-R-U-B-U. You Are You, Be You. 

So that’s the essence of this podcast today! You are you, be you. 

Now here’s the thing: how many of us are actually doing that? 

As for me unfortunately I wasn’t doing this, yet I thought it was. 

And I can safely say for the 10s of 1000s of people I’ve worked with – many people around the planet – they believe they are being their true selves, and yet they are not as they (like I was) are living (actually existing) from old programs and limiting beliefs.

Let’s unpack that.

In this episode we explore:

  • The Chinese proverb: “Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.”

  • Letting go of all the facades we put up

  • How comparisons constrict our worldview

  • Why people do not see us for who we really are

  • “When you’re born to stand out, you can’t fit in.”

  • Playing small and hiding aspects of ourselves in order to not upset others

  • Ego vs inflated ego vs deflated ego

  • Society’s role in defining who you are supposed to be

  • Congruency in your life

The urubu bird is actually a vulture. It’s not the prettiest bird, and it’s not looking to be anything else than what it is.

We can learn from the urubu – and the Portuguese spelling of “urubu”.

U-R-U-B-U. You are you, be you!

So who you be?

~ ~ ~

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