What’s Your Medicine?

This episode was inspired by my evening ritual, which currently consists of breath holds, steam room, and cold plunging!

I started to reflect on how grateful I feel for these tools which I use for my health and well being on all levels. 

This is some of my ‘medicine’. I extrapolate the life force from life, nature and the elements. I don’t use “pills, potions or lotions” of any kind.

As I was reflecting on various forms of “medicine”, I’d invite you to reflect on what your “medicine” is ?

What’s working for you in your health and well being?!

What’s in your “medicine cabinet”?

In this episode of TAO-Living we explore:

  • What does it say about our culture if each house is built with a medicine cabinet in it?

  • Natural free “medicine” you can access easily at any time

  • The TRUE source of healing!!

  • How to get back into the present moment using conscious breathing

  • The power of gratitude and mindfulness 

  • Opportunities to consciously transform your life

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Abundant Blessings!