The Evidence Box


Lou Corleto, here on a Saturday evening- I just got home from finishing day two of my event that I’m sharing, teaching with amazing people that are attending. It is called ‘Speaking from Your Authentic Voice’.

it’s a deep dive process for discovering ‘who we be’ and how to articulate that in our communications at a professional level.

So, it is an amazing process. And I thought I’d share this nugget because I was sharing it as a support structure for the folks in the presentations this weekend (tonight) and it came across so powerfully that I thought I’d share this little nugget with you beautiful people.

If it serves great, if not, hit delete as usual.

So I just got back home, before I decompress, and do a little fire in the fire pit tonight- I thought I’d step out say hi and share.

So this is what I call “The Evidence Box”.

I learned this technique many, many years ago and it has served me and still serves me. It really served me in the early journey of my development quite profoundly and I have passed it on to many clients and it has served them too.

So hopefully it will serve you. I call this the evidence box and the way it works is this, when we have doubts about anything you are going through- fears especially- and that’s what was coming up in the process today. Where the speakers were challenging themselves and we hit a wall where ‘their stuff‘ came up – and fears really came out…

One we were tapping into where it was coming from, okay, but more importantly, when it surfaces and we are not sure why?  Creating an evidence box so when you’ve been through circumstances -let’s say a stressful situation.

Where in your life, in other parts of your life, have you been through, in this case, let’s say a stressful situation- but you came through with flying colors?

You showed up with excellence and encourage?

That is evidence that you already have that! Put that in. (the box)

If it’s a mental box or literally a box, write it down, and stick it in your box.

Get a cardboard box, a jewelry box, whatever works for you?

And so when you’re back in a situation where the doubt stuff comes up and then fear and panic want to kick in, tap into your evidence box and say  “hold on a second’!

Because that’s the mind liar that’s taking you out. Recall with your ‘evidence‘ to say ‘hold on- that’s not true’, I have evidence that I am capable of this, whatever ‘this‘ may be for you.

So the evidence box when used can really help transform and overtime in the transformation you won’t need the evidence box anymore because you will walk peacefully in your life that you are all that you need.

You are the one you’ve been searching for.

You are whole and complete.

We just have some corrupt software in this ‘bio-computer’ and sometimes that were installed by others, but then we start running again ourselves.

So anyhow, have a beautiful evening. It is an absolutely- beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous day where I’m standing here and

Much Love, Ciao

Until next time…
Abundant Blessings

Lou Corleto, D.C., CHPC



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