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Moving From Simply Knowing, to Powerfully Doing


You’ve heard the concept that knowledge is power. But if knowledge truly was power, then simply knowing about something that is good for you would be enough. Yet, in most cases, you’ll find that isn’t enough.

The reason is that knowledge is NOT power—ACTION is.

Being able to apply any and all information you have is where true power and change comes from. Whether it’s in relationships, your professional life, your health, or in any area of your life, it’s your capacity to use the information you have that will allow you to transform your life.

That’s why, in today’s video, I want to share with you:

  • How to change from a state of knowledge to a state of action
  • Why you need to have a clear purpose
  • Where health and healing come from

While the truths I am sharing with you today apply to all areas of your life, it’s in one particular area that you will reap the most benefits if you change from a perspective of seeking knowledge to a...

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 Life Happens For You (Not To You!)

action life victim victor May 17, 2021

Often times we allow trauma and hardship in our lives to determine the way we live. Trauma is real. Hardship is real. But what I want to invite you to consider, is that while we commonly think that life happens to us, it’s actually more that life happens for us.

 You can choose to be a victim of life and your circumstances. Or you can choose to be a victor, and come out on the other side of the process of pain and trauma with greater character and strength.

 In today’s video, I want to share with you:

  • How you can choose to be a victor versus a victim
  • How to take responsibility for your life
  • How to understand the way your body communicates with you, so you can respond accordingly


Watch my video to learn how to understand the way your body is communicating with you, so you can translate the message, take appropriate action, get stronger and move on as a victor!


To reclaim your energy and make sure your body buzzes like a tuned-up Mustang,...

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