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The Evidence Box

blog the evidence box Apr 03, 2018

The Evidence Box

Lou Corleto, here on a Saturday evening- I just got home from finishing day two of my event that I'm sharing, teaching with amazing people that are attending. It is called 'Speaking from Your Authentic Voice'.

it's a deep dive process for discovering ‘who we be’ and how to articulate that in our communications at a professional level.

So, it is an amazing process. And I thought I'd share this nugget because I was sharing it as a support structure for the folks in the presentations this weekend (tonight) and it came across so powerfully that I thought I’d share this little nugget with you beautiful people.

If it serves great, if not, hit delete as usual.

So I just got back home, before I decompress, and do a little fire in the fire pit tonight- I thought I’d step out say hi and share.

So this is what I call “The Evidence Box”.

I learned this technique many, many years ago and it has served me and still serves me. It really served...

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