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What's the power of a REAL decision?


Let's talk about commitment.

WOW, how many times I've 'committed', but didn't really commit? That's because I gave 'words' to the action of committing. And I had a good intention. But as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Let's talk about what occurs when we really commit when we've made a decision. Now let's break that down, to decide. The Latin of decision, to decide = is actually to kill or cut off.  Examples: pesticide, homicide, suicide)

When we cut off all other choices, (as one of my teachers says) "There is no plan B for your A-game". When we make that level of a decision, when we cut off all their options, we don't give ourselves an out, it gets done. That 'thing' becomes the only option.

That's the only possibility. You have eradicated all the other options.

There's an old story about this king who was planning on taking over a neighboring island.  And when he and all the warriors landed on the island, once all the warriors got...

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