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Reconnect to Your Spirit & Strength Series #1


In this first video, I'm here to take that concept of what other stories have we been sold as a 'distraction' around our capacities?

Well, one of them now is about you and your strength and your ability of your body to do anything that it's capable of, in the sense of performance, especially health and healing. Also around designing your life the way you want.

Stories, we've been given as distractions. So I'm asking you to take a breath and really decide who's writing your life script?
The stories outside of your life, or your own internal story?
Are you living by the beat of their own drum or somebody else's tune?

So, I invite you to join me, May 13, to 16 at my TAO-LIVING RETREAT, (The Art Of Living where we're going to really tap into your inner environment and eradicate the stories that work against your greatness.

We're going to work on your psychology, we're going to work on your physiology, so you are running full tilt to achieve the life of your dreams.

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Lessons on Life and Fear from a 117-Year-Old Nun


I recently watched an interview with the second oldest person on the planet, Sister André, a 117-year-old nun from France who lived through the great flu pandemic of 1918, two world wars, and most recently, the coronavirus.

 As I heard Sister André speak, answering whether or not she was afraid of the illness—or of dying—something triggered inside of me, and I want to trigger that inside of you… because this woman knows the secret to living fully.

 In today’s video, I want to show you:

  • Two key lessons we can learn from Sister André to ultimately lose the fear of dying
  • How to show up fully in life, whatever comes your way
  • The importance of perspective

 We’re living in a world that’s feeding a certain narrative to anyone who listens—a narrative that you should go through life walking on eggshells, and that’s not how we’re made to live. You are strong and full of vitality and potential and you...

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