Eustress vs Distress

Let’s talk about stress. 

In this day and age, the amount of stress people are experiencing is quite intense. Well, I’m here to bring some peace and joy to this topic. 

The majority of times when people refer to the word “stress”, they only have a negative connotation of what stress is. And there is truth in that aspect, for sure. 

However, there’s another perspective to what stress is and what it does, and how it can actually be a good thing.

In this TAO-Living episode, we explore:

  • Eustress (good stress) vs distress (bad stress)

  • How overcoming challenges, putting your body to the test, and learning something new are all “stressing” your body and mind – yet it’s good for you!

  • The distinctions between “accumulative constructive survival values” and “accumulative destructive survival values”

  • The tool of self-assessment and scanning your day to see if your activities, location, interactions, etc. are building you up or breaking you down

  • How to Manage Your Environment and utilize Conscious Languaging to modify your perspective on stress in your life

  • Mindfulness, thriving, and much more!

If you only conceive of stress from a negative connotation, you’re missing a powerful productive ally in your life. 

Learning, growing, working out, overcoming challenges – all of these things are productive “eustress” that help you stay healthy and move forward in your life!

Thanks for tuning in and please be aware that we have a “eustress” experience 😉 coming up in October: The Art of Living Immersion.

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Abundant Blessings,